Common Ground, Common Sense


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Tiffany understands that a strong public education system is an investment in the future. She believes that vouchers ultimately weaken public schools in both rural and urban areas.

We need to keep public education funds out of private schools entirely. KEEP PRIVATE EDUCATION PRIVATE! No taxpayer dollars should subsidize private education.

Tiffany also supports parental rights to control what their own children can read. The recent trend of banning books interferes with parental rights, in addition to being regressive. Banning books is always on the wrong side of history.

Per David DeMatthews, vouchers aren't driven by evidence but by billionaires funneling millions into state elections. Texas's independence is being sold by opportunistic politicians swapping a proven loser of a policy (ineffective, inefficient, & discriminatory) for power. Our kids deserve better.
Tiffany will oppose any attempt to replace the existing Defined Benefit Plan. Even if existing teachers are 'grandfathered in,' any degradation to the current Defined Benefit Plan would negatively impact future teachers and exacerbate an already critical teacher shortage. We must support retired, current, and future teachers by maintaining their hard-fought retirement benefits. It's hard enough to attract new people to the profession with the low wages we pay, and degrading future retirement plans will only make the situation worse.



Health Care & Medicaid Expansion

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Tiffany’s experience and background in the trenches of the medical field have given her great perspective on the importance of access to healthcare for everyone. Tiffany will work to roll back recent extreme healthcare policies that are driving Texas doctors out of state. Texans in rural areas are gradually losing access to critical healthcare. She will work to find ways to stop the trend of closing rural hospitals.

Tiffany will push for Texas to accept Medicaid expansion, bringing down insurance rates for all Texans and improving access to healthcare especially for women and everyone else. Medical professionals are ALWAYS in a better position to make medical decisions than politicians. Let’s just stop politicians from trying to make medical judgments altogether… They are simply not qualified!


Affordable Housing

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Our voters in District 62 have been asked what the most critical problem is facing our district, and the answer has been crystal clear: affordable housing. Rental and mortgage costs have skyrocketed, pouring historical profits into the pockets of the already wealthy, while wages have gone nowhere.

If elected, Tiffany will hold the Texas government to account for overtaxing us by $18 billion last year, and for the cost of Operation Lone Star of $10.5 billion dollars, which has accomplished nothing at all. Her initiative will be to demand that the state of Texas relieve taxes on landlords and mortgage lenders, with the stipulation that the savings is passed on to the renter or home buyer.

Tiffany has a 10-point plan to address affordable housing (click on 10-point plan to download details).

Women's Rights

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Tiffany will push for the rights of women to control their own medical decisions and bodily autonomy without interference from politicians or the government. Women’s rights have been eroded, especially in Texas, and Tiffany will work to reverse this trend. As of this writing, over 26,000 women in Texas were forced to give birth to their rapist's child or face prosecution of the mother, doctor, or anyone else involved. Our personal freedoms must be restored and protected from extremists.  Let’s stop politicians from trying to make medical judgments altogether… They are simply not qualified!

Make no mistake, extremists are setting their sights on IVF treatment, contraception, and even ending no-fault divorce is on their extreme agenda.  Now we are beginning to see signs of wanting to restrict the freedom to travel for pregnant women...  Enough with this extremist overreach!  Second-class citizenship for women is not something we are willing to go back to.  Tiffany will stand for our personal freedoms against this insidious attack.



LGBTQI+ Rights

LGBTQIA+ pride flag

People in the LGBTQI+ community are not a threat to us or our children. They are just trying to live their own best lives, the same as the rest of us. Tiffany will work to ensure that the government does not target them for separate treatment.

We want you to live your best life however you see fit.

The Economy

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While Texas has been able to attract employers and workers, recent extreme policies are proving to be business-hostile. Employers unable to shield their employees from these policies will relocate elsewhere, and we will have a harder time attracting people from out of state to live here.

Tiffany will work to shift the focus away from divisive culture war issues toward common ground and common sense problem solving together.



The Environment

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Tiffany wants to see our beautiful land preserved for future generations and will work toward incentives for renewable energy. Texas has a wonderful legacy as the energy capital of the world, and we should take advantage of that to lead the world toward a greener and more sustainable future.  Because we know energy better than anybody else, we should also lead the way into the next generation.

Border Security

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A secure border starts with immigration reform. Modern electronic detection is much more effective and humane than physical barriers such as a wall or razor wire. Shipping migrants to other states is a costly, short-term political stunt that does nothing to address the real problem, which is the ‘Help Wanted’ sign from employers looking for cheap, exploitable labor. We need a better system to differentiate migrants in mortal danger from those just wanting a better life, and prioritizing those in mortal peril. Also, ‘Dreamers’ (people who arrived when they were children and thus unable to choose on their own) should be granted immediate and permanent citizenship. They did NOT violate any laws and should not be penalized for the actions of others.

Gun Safety

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Tiffany is a proud gun owner who supports the second amendment AND reasonable safety measures such as red-flag laws and closing the gun show loophole that bypasses background checks. Guns should be treated similarly to automobiles in Texas: You should have registration and insurance for your firearm, just as you already do for your car. This is common sense thinking, compatible with most reasonable Texans.  Let's move toward common ground and common sense.





blue icon of a circle drawn around some people while leaving others out

District lines are often drawn so that politicians get to select their voters rather than having voters select them. This practice needs to end regardless of which party is doing it. Tiffany will push for an independent, non-partisan redistricting commission that will not allow political parties to gain unfair advantages.



Campaign Finance Reform

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Money has far too much influence in our political system. Special interests are practically able to buy politicians and votes, diminishing the power of voters and often working against our interests. Tiffany will push to require disclosure of all campaign money raised and spent, and make elected officials and wealthy special interests more accountable to voters.

The Texas Electrical Grid

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Texas needs to join the federal electricity grid. We also need stronger consumer protections to ensure that proper winterization and ongoing maintenance are performed by those who profit from providing everyday Texans with electricity.  Tiffany will work to end price gouging during grid emergencies and to prosecute violators to the fullest extent of the law.

Marijuana Policy

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The failed War on Drugs has over-incarcerated the poor and people of color for far too long. Tiffany will champion not only bringing recreational marijuana to Texas, but also to take marijuana completely off the Scheduled (controlled) substances list, expunge marijuana convictions, and release those imprisoned solely for non-violent marijuana offenses.

Voting Rights

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We should be working to make it easier for all eligible voters to cast their vote. Instead, we have been going the wrong direction by reducing the number of polling locations and placing unreasonable restrictions on mail-in ballots. The number of polling locations should be proportionate to the number of voters in an area to provide fair access. Tiffany will push for Election Day to be a state holiday so that hard-working Texans don’t have to choose between supporting their families and having their voices heard. College student IDs should be just as valid eligible voter identification as a Texas Handgun License. We need input from younger Texans, because they are our future!


blue angry emoji with fierce eyebrows and an open frowning mouth

We see a rising tide of extremism and potential violence from a small but loud faction wanting to impose its will on us. They sew chaos and violence when they don't get their way, even denying election results when they lose. But that's un-American and not how we handle political disagreements here in District 62.

Violence has NO place in settling political differences.  We can ALL agree with this.  We govern by ballots, not bullets.  Regardless of politics, NOBODY deserves to be subjected to violence for political beliefs.  We are all more mature than that.

All the anger, grievance politics, name-calling, and vitriol we see nationwide doesn't reflect who we really are locally.  Different sides are not enemies, just fellow Americans with different views to work out together. We can take time to look at all issues and see who best represents American values of power to the people, not to the already powerful or to special interests who don't care about the rest of us.

Together, we can find common ground and common sense...  Let's join to fight against extremism in our politics!